Summer opportunities with Metta Earth

Still looking for something really interesting and impactful* to do this summer that will be just as “intentional” and affirming to tell people about in the fall as your friend who lives in Munford who’s splitting her summer between a sheep farm in New Zealand, interning at an international climate policy institute in Copenhagen/telecommuting to a small, green tech start-up in San Francisco, and writing prose poetry at Breadloaf?

Search no more, little lifelong learners. Our friends at the Metta Earth Institute ( in Lincoln, VT wanted to get the word out about some really cool stuff they’re doing this summer. Says Metta Earth’s Kristen Greenwald:

“We are holding summer leadership courses this summer that combine organic farming, homesteading life-ways, yoga, meditation, community-living skills, a two day wilderness retreat, and social and environmental change organizing skills. (This is something students have been getting independent study credits from their colleges for in previous years!)

Metta Earth Institute, Center for Contemplative Ecology, is a non-profit educational retreat center based on an organic farm in the mountains of Lincoln, Vermont. We are dedicated to enhancing contemplative and ecologically sustainable community through the harmonious interface of culture, agriculture, and nature.

Metta Earth Institute strives to contribute to the growth of a more sustainable, socially-just, and contemplatively based society by providing educational programs, reskilling workshops,yoga and meditation retreats, hermitage retreats, community gatherings and educational events, and college orientation programs.

Metta Earth operates as an organic, biodynamic farm with one acre cultivated in vegetable production for our CSA. Metta Earth raises Milking Shorthorn Cows, Icelandic Sheep, and heritage breed chickens on a rotational pasture management system. Metta Earth also focuses on wild harvesting, medicinal herbs, and permaculture principles.”

To learn more, visit

*impactful = definitely not a word. (So I learned when I used this at 3am one dark, dark night last fall, in an essay for Brett Millier. She made this clear by circling the word and writing “Ugh! No!!!!”)


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