About Weybridge House

Have a question about Weybridge? Contact our super knowledgeable CAs, Christian Cain (ccain@middlebury.edu) and Isaac Baker (ibaker@middlebury.edu). They are seriously such cuties.

Fall 2012 Meal Schedule
OPEN DINNER: Mon. & Wed., 6:30pm
OPEN BRUNCH: Sat. 11am

Our Mission:

Purposeful eating is an exciting and essential vehicle for reducing our carbon footprint and revitalizing the Vermont economy. Although there are many avenues for implementing sustainable practices on college campuses, Middlebury College’s Weybridge House believes in practicing “lived activism” through a commitment to purchasing, preserving, (via freezing, canning, and drying), cooking and eating only food grown in Vermont or within a 100-mile radius of the college. For financial and practical reasons exceptions to this purchasing rule include spices, salt, oil, baking yeast, baking powder, and baking soda. The 18 Weybridge residents cook and serve several open, all-local, vegetarian meals to any member of the community, free of charge. Through activities such as tending a small kitchen garden, food preservation, weekly house meetings, and cooking Weybridge provides a venue for students to apply their academic study of contemporary environmental issues and sustainability outside of the classroom. Weybridge House commits to purchasing at least one CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share each academic year, additional food produced within Vermont, and food preservation, storage and cooking appliances or equipment as necessary. All locally produced food is bought directly from the farmers by residents, and we strive to support a diverse array of small, organic growers.

For more information, see the FAQ section (coming soon!)

HEY check out this video Middlebury Magazine made about Weybridge House.

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